Benjamin Rhodes

Richard Kenton Webb: Vol.5

14th April—24th June, 2023
Drawings from the Albers Series and Paintings from the ongoing Manifesto Series


Benjamin Rhodes

Benjamin Rhodes

Here is a bringing together of some strands which have occupied and fascinated me since I was drawn into gallery work/life in 1975.I had previously been absorbed with postgraduate research in medieval art only to be sharply brought up to the minute by a Cork Street ‘apprenticeship’.

There followed a series of gallery/dealing businesses including my name from 1982 – 2005. These were Waddington & Rhodes / Benjamin Rhodes / Jason & Rhodes / Rhodes + Mann. They have all been rewarding and always involved others with whom I have shared the passion –the zeal for excellence – the enjoyment – the fairmindedness which have made continuing worthwhile, including latterly under the umbrella of Art First until 2020.

I salute the following who are no longer with us:

Leslie Waddington, Veronica Hammett (variously PA to Leslie – typed my 1975 job offer !), Peter Cochrane (who came from Arthur Tooth & Son with his vast store of past involvements and wisdom), Carol Kroch (with whom I shared a large part of the journey and now two brilliant sons, their beautiful partners and children), Peter Hart (an acute advisor), Edward Totah (a welcoming, perceptive and kind colleague), Gillian Jason (of Jason & Rhodes), David Brown (astute and eccentric curator at Tate), Joshua Compston (curated ‘Abstractions from the domestic suburb scene(sin)’ for us in 1992),Nigel Greenwood (of Inc.) and Mel Gooding (always kind and always wise).

and I also salute a tiny fraction of those who remain, continuing great things:

Richard Verdi, Jonathan Alexander, Alan Cristea, John D. Edwards, Janet Yapp, Hester van Royen, Robin Page, Mary Rose Beaumont, Robbie Ginsborg, Eileen Cooper, Richard Pomeroy, Sarah Kent, Fred Mann, Clare Cooper, Vicky Unwin, Emma Hill and Andrew Chan Sing………..